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Coach in English - New Course:
Coach with Confidence and Competence
Designed to empower coaches to expand their practice, enabling them to work with global clients using English as an international language.

Is this course for me?

If you already possess a good mastery of English and want to start applying your knowledge as a professional coach or facilitator, this course is for you.

If you already coach or facilitate in English and would like to receive feedback on your performance, as well as learn strategies to become even better, this course is for you.
About the Course

The course consists of ten 90-minute small group classes via Zoom. Classes are every two weeks with an additional eight peer coaching sessions in between to build skills and confidence.

The new format includes in-depth exploration of how to coach in a second language, particularly considering the International Coaching Federation’s core competencies. Other topics covered are working with different cultures and international business building.

The approach is dynamic and interactive maximizing peer exchange and contribution. Activities include: analysis of coaching videos; pair and small group discussion; personalized correction and feedback, and educational games.

Attention is given to the identification and reframing of limiting beliefs around coaching in a second language to encourage a supportive mindset and optimize coaching presence.
Certification and CCEUs

Certification with the number of hours completed will be provided for participants who attend at least 80% of the course. These hours can be utilized as resource development continuing education credits (up to 15 in total) during the ICF credential renewal process.

Investment (includes 15 hours of small group classes and 8 hours of peer coaching)

$ 500 one-time payment or four monthly instalments of $ 125

R$ 2.192,00 one-time payment or four monthly instalments of R$ 548,00

To Apply

This course is designed for qualified and practicing coaches who already speak English at a level of mid-intermediate or above. You should already be able to hold a conversation without significant difficulty.

To check your level is appropriate and find out more, schedule a free 20-minute call HERE. There is no obligation to continue the application process if you feel the course is not right for you.

Get in touch with Fran by email, phone or video call.

Phone/text message: Whatsapp +55 51 981717036

What previous participants say:

“ It’s been really helpful, I’m facilitating my first training in English today and feeling confident about it. What’s been most valuable has been having a space to practice where I don’t feel the pressure to speak in a flawless way. I learn from my mistakes and those of others, on a day-to-day basis, clients won’t give me this feedback.”

“ I learned to be more relaxed while talking and believe in my English.”

“ Such a great group, an amazing program and a fantastic teacher and coach!!!”

“This program expands the horizons of the coaching world and encourages coaches to take on their own challenges. I loved being a part of this class! ”

“In this course, you'll connect with an open and creative group of people willing to expand their coaching abilities. It will help you coaching in English and other languages, including your native one. Fran's commitment to create and nurture a learning and practice environment is inspiring. “

“Practicing English from a coaching standpoint and with peers was valuable and bringing cultural aspects was great too. Subscribe - the course is fun and very useful!

“ A great opportunity and environment that helped me continue developing my skills to coach in English, which is one of my biggest challenges. Together, we made a fantastic learning group. This is a very useful course for those who wish to coach in English as their second language. “

“ This course raises awareness to our established language mistakes, which we don't think much about if another person doesn't point them out. You should take this course! “

“ What a great investment of time! A very safe and fun environment for learning and sharing coaching experiences in English as a second language. The course will help you become open to learning instead of thinking about your possible limitations.”

“ This course has broadened my understanding of English and given me the opportunity to practice with others. I also learned to not be such a perfectionist. Practice in a safe environment is really helpful.“

“Practicing with other coaches was a blessing for me. The tools we used are user-friendly and helpful and all the activities were great. Exciting and helpful, a must-take training.”

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